Who is Nia Soule Salon?


My name is Maria but by now everyone calls me Nia... am privileged by my Lord Jesus Christ to have started and run Nia Soule Salon since 2008 from the basement of my old house in the midst of the recession. After working from the basement of my house for only 18 months I stepped out in faith and rented a salon Suite with just enough to pay the rent.

Today we have 3 locations Norcross, GA & Fayetteville, GA and Snellville , Ga since 2009 when I stepped out by faith.

Our team has successfully grown a formidable 16 stylists strong team and we are still hiring only the best.
Against popular beliefs I abandoned traditional idea to be a doctor and followed Psalms 1:3 which says whatsoever a man does (including braiding hair) God will prosper him or her. Crazy enough I followed God and here we are!

Our goal is to raise the standard in the black hair industry especially hair braiding so that we ourselves become our biggest competition so we can be constantly better than who we were yesterday.

Now, we just don't braid hair we also do natural hair styling.

Along this journey I have met incredible women, amazing dads and great kids.

rom teachers, doctors, scientists , journalists e.t.c. I have been in the school of life with you all. Seen kids who I did their hair for elementary school graduation get ready for college,

working mom's, stay at home mom's raise kids and go to school all at the same time. I have witnessed high and low seasons with you and your families. We have shared prayers in times of sickness and given thanks at every of God's miracles. We have inspired one another.

An amazing journey so allow me to share on this blog post.

Here is where it gets interesting the Lord says He has brought us to our spreading out season Ezekiel 19:10, Zechariah 2:6 as we roll out this great God given vision to be a major salon franchise. We are working on ourselves to get better at this talent He has given us.

In the next few years we shall be rolling out more locations in Georgia starting out.

Where God leads we follow. Our goal is to continually be of service to you all.

Keep us in your prayers as we always do over here.

May we all be richly blessed in all ways.

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