• For long lasting braids and twists , keep braids tied daily under a silk bonnet.

  • Box Braids / Kinky Twist can be washed once in 3 weeks .In between wash a sea breeze or witch hazel cleanse is advised.

  • Most braid or twist styles last anywhere from 4-8 weeks. 

  • Cornrows & Treebraids generally last about 3-5 weeks. 

  • A touch up around the edges is advised about 4 weeks into the style to refresh edges and give hair line a rest. 

  • Avoid pulling braids or twist into right ponytails 

If you are not satisfied with service ensure stylist is notified before end of service.

No refunds after service is completed. Based on certain conditions a redo of same style or similar priced style is possible.

We fix Loose braids or twists on short hair for free within the first week and a half. A small fee is accessed after 2weeks.

Altered hair styles by a client after service has been completed will not be issued a refund or new hair do.

Please report any concerns about your service within the first week of installation to qualify for asistance.

Questions/ Comments 

Please give salon management the opportunity to be of service to you in on the case of any concerns.

If you need additional assistance please email us at