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Hair Weaves Vs Extensions: A Guide For Beginners

Bored of the same hairstyle and seeking a trending option? From weaves to hair extensions, there are several options to achieve the desired look. These two hair enhancement methods are the most popular options to add length, volume, and style to natural hair. However, many people are confused about these two terms and often use them interchangeably, not realizing they are two distinctive methods. If you want to delve into the world of hair extensions and hair weave, stride along this blog till the end. Here, you will explore the key difference between these two terms, which can help you make informed decisions for your hair transformation needs. 

Weaves & Hair Extensions: An Introduction

Weaves are a term that refers to synthetic or human hair utilized to provide a new look to natural hair. They usually cover the whole hair with a hairpiece and give a protective hairstyle. On the other hand, hair extensions are applied strand by strand to natural hair to increase its length, volume, and appearance. Now you know the basic difference, let’s learn about both in detail.  

Weave: A Closer Look

Weaves are a form of hair extensions, but they have a unique installation process. Weaves are created by sewing wefts of hair on natural hair. They come in various colors, textures, and styles. The choice of hair weave depends on the hair type, desired look, and how long you want the weave to last. The trending colors and different hair weave styles make them the preferred choice of women looking to wear stunning hairstyles without using various chemicals on their natural hair or heads. 

Characteristics Of Weaves

Attachment Method: Weaves are sewn to natural hair, and do not use any chemical to attach them. 

Durability: Weaves tend to be more durable and last for several weeks to a few months with proper care, which means it is a sort of investment. 

Protection: A hair weave protects the natural hair since it is concealed beneath the hair-enhancing item like a wig. 

Versatility: Though weaves itself come in various styles, you can style them like your natural hair, including straightening, curling, and braiding. 

Maintenance: Weaves require regular maintenance to prevent matting and tangling. 

Extension: A Comprehensive Overview

Hair extensions are a broader term comprising various methods of adding synthetic or natural hair to your hair, strand by strand. Unlike weaves, hair extensions are not limited to weaves. They include clip-in, tape-in extensions, fusion extensions, and many more. All these hair extensions are different from each other but have the same objective – increasing the length, volume, and look of the natural hair. Hair extensions are a great choice for women with thin and short hair. 

Characteristic Of Extensions

Attachment Method: Hair extensions can be attached to natural hair through various methods, such as clips, tapes, glue, and micro-links. 

Durability: The durability of the hair extensions varies depending on the attachment method. Clip-in extensions are temporary, while others can last for months. 

Protection: Depending on the attachment method, hair extensions can protect natural hair. 

Versatility: You can style or remove hair extensions depending on the type, making them suitable for temporary changes in appearance. 

Maintenance: Hair extensions require less maintenance compared to weaves but still need care to ensure they look great for a long time. 

Comparison Between Hair Weaves & Hair Extensions

From the above description, the only major distinction between both hair enhancement methods is that all weaves are hair extensions, but not all hair extensions are weaves. Moreover, one downside of hair extensions is they are time-consuming. The strand-by-strand application of hair extensions takes time, making them a bit expensive compared to weaving hair extensions

Hair Weave Or Extension: Which Is The Best Choice?

The choice between both depends on various factors, such as personal preference, durability, and price. Here are a few factors that can help you choose the right hair style for you. 

Durability: Weaves are sewn tightly onto the hair, making them more durable and long-lasting, whereas hair extensions are clip-ins that can be removed as per the needs. Therefore, a hair weave is ideal for permanent hair styling, and hair extension can be a temporary option. 

Protection: Weaves provide better protection to overall hair as they come in the form of a wig that covers the overall hair. Hair extensions also provide protection, but it depends on the type you choose and care for. 

Versatility: Both weaves and extensions offer versatility in terms of style. They come in various colors, styles, and lengths, so versatility is the hardest factor in choosing between both options. However, hair weave is easy to remove, making them a better choice for those who like to switch their look frequently. 

Maintenance: Weaves typically require more maintenance than hair extensions, including regular washing and regular touch-ups. 

These factors are probably enough to help make a better choice between two hair styling options. Whichever you choose, make sure you go to a professional salon for the best results. 

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