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Braids History: Everything You Must Know About This Trend

If you love wearing new hairstyles every day, braids can be your answer. The most popular and versatile hairstyle, braids are stylish and comfortable, making them the perfect hairstyle to wear daily. They not only enhance your appearance but also protect your hair from damage. Not only this, it comes in a number of styles, providing endless hairstyle possibilities to all age groups. Isn’t it a great hairstyle for those who love to flaunt different hairstyles on each occasion? Want to know more about it? In this comprehensive guide, you will explore hair braiding history, styles, types, and maintenance tips. Read till the end for better insights.

History Of Braids

One of the oldest hairstyles hails from 3,500 BC, almost 5,000 years back, Braids were found in Africa. Braids are not just a style but a form of art. In many African regions, braid hairstyles represent unique cultural identities for each tribe. Different hairstyles and patterns indicate a person’s tribe, age, marital status, sex, wealth, power, and religion. Since braiding is an art, it takes time to form this type of hairstyle. The time it takes typically depends on the type of style. Elders used to perform braiding on their children so that they could learn and follow the tradition. Hence, the tradition of braiding was passed on from generation to generation, and now it has become a popular hairstyle in the modern world. This is all about the history of braids; now, discover how traditional African braids transformed into modern culture.

How Braids Evolved Into Modern Culture?

The history of black hair braiding is notable and entered into the modern world with the evolution of time. Braids come in different styles, which are used for multipurpose. Besides looking beautiful, it is a protective hairstyle that helps maintain the length, volume, and integrity of the hair without manipulating it every single day. The strength provided to the hair leads to hair growth. These popular braiding styles are perfect to wear on vacation and work.


The most stunning, trending, and protective hairstyle, the Crochet hairstyle, is a low-maintenance and successful hairstyle.

Goddess Cornrows

Goddess braids are intricately woven, thick cornrows are known for their beautiful appearance.

They feature sleek, large, and symmetrical plaits that gracefully follow the scalp’s contours.

Knotless Box Braids

An innovative pattern that creates braids without putting excess tension on the scalp, reducing risks of breakage.

Tree Braids

A hairstyle where hair extensions are added and extra pieces are pulled out as each braids is done to create a more natural look. Tree braids are a protective hairstyle usually responsible for hair growth.

Twisted Hairstyles

Twisted strands can be used to prepare a rope-like appearance or combined with other twists for more intricate styles.

Braids For Different Hair Textures

Braids are a timeless and versatile hairstyle that can be adapted for various hairstyles- straight, curly, or coily. The key to achieving the best results is choosing the right hairstyle and technique depending on hair texture. Here are some amazing tips for choosing hairstyles for different hair types.

Straight Hair

Straight hair can be braided into a wide variety of styles, such as cornrows. Braids in straight hair give a fine look, making them more adorable.

Curly Hair

Curly hair is perfect for African braids as it provides natural texture and volume. To maintain appearance, moisturize your hair before braiding and use good holding products.

Coily Hair

Such hair type is suitable for braiding, offering a variety of styling options. But to create braids in coily hair, you need to moisturize and detangle your hair.

Braids And Maintenance

However, braids are easy to wear and do not require much maintenance; nevertheless, regular care is necessary for protective styling and promoting healthy hair. Here is how to do before and after care of your braids:


  • Before getting braids, your hair must be clean, conditioned, and free from tangles.
  • Pay attention to your scalp; moisturize and avoid excessive pulling and tension.


  • It is important to keep your scalp clean. Wash it with diluted shampoo and focus on the roots, being gentle and avoiding fizz.
  • Apply lightweight, water-based moisturizer to prevent dryness and itching on the scalp.
  • Use a satin pillow cover to protect your braids while sleeping and prevent frizz and breakage.
  • Depending on the braids, you may need to redo them every few weeks to maintain a neat appearance.

Braids are the most beautiful hairstyle that women can wear. If you want to reap maximum benefits from braids, consider having them done by an expert. They will help you wear stunningly beautiful and the most suitable hairstyles while maintaining cultural significance. Nia Soule Salon is a leading hair salon in Atlanta, offering a variety of braiding styles and workshops to enthusiasts. With our exceptional services, we make customers comfortable and satisfied. Get in touch with our hair specialist for more information!

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