How do I prep my hair before my braid appointment ?

Hair needs to be washed and blown out dried we also provide this service for a small cost .

What payment methods do you accept

We accept cash , zelle , major credit cards & Klarna after pay.

Do you charge my card at booking?

Yes, a 30% Deposit is required to secure most appointments. Deposit goes towards final payment after your hair is done.  Services under $50 requires full deposit. 

Do you charge a cancelation or no show fee?

We do not charge a cancellation or no-show fee.

Do you require deposit to secure a spot?

Yes. We require a 30% deposit charged at booking to secure your appointment. It goes towards your service. It is nonrefundable if appointment is canceled within 48 hours to appointment time. It can be transferred to another service or to a friend (sister or daughter e.tc.) in the event you are unable to make original appointment. Deposits have to be used 30days after original booking time. Appointments cancelled before 48hours are due full refund.

Do you provide detangle service ?

Yes we do for a fee.

What are your hours ?

Norcross, GA

Monday - Saturday

7am - 7pm

Fayetteville, GA

Monday - Saturday

8:30am - 6pm


7am - 6pm


Monday - Saturday 

8a - 6pm

What are your appointment booking slots ?


Monday - Saturday





Monday - Friday

8:30am, 12pm, 3:30pm


7am, 11am, 3pm


Monday - Saturday

8am, 12pm, 3:30pm

I am trying to book online but I don’t see any availability for the day I want to come in? 

Please call your location to get further assistance with booking.

How do I cancel my appointment?

Please log in into your Fresha profile and cancel your appointment 48hrs before the appointment time. Or call the salon to help you with cancellation. Our Call Centre is closed Sundays.

Can I cancel my appointment via text messages?

We do not accept text messages to cancel appointments at this time.

Do you charge a convenience fee?

Yes, we do for all credit and debit payments via Fresha, there is a $4 fee.  Klarna payments have a 5.99% fee already added to service.

Do you provide consultation before appointment are booked?

Yes, we do. Booked Consultation are $25 for 25 minutes. Consultation fee is applied to a service when an appointment is booked.

Consultation fee is nonrefundable if you don’t book an appointment.

Do you provide anti itch braiding hair?

Yes we do provide anti itch pretreated & prerinsed braiding hair for a small cost.

Do you teach braiding classes and workshops?

Yes, we do. Classes and workshop dates will be posted on our website soon.

Do you provide business coaching and consultation ?

Yes we do provide business coaching and consultation? Details coming soon

How soon in advance should I book my appointment?

Appointments can be booked 2 weeks to 3 months in advance .

Do you all accept walk ins ?

We are by appointments predominantly. Walk ins welcomed ONLY if we can accommodate such on the schedule .

How do I maintain my Hair style at home ?
  • For long lasting braids and twists , keep braids tied daily under a silk bonnet.

  • Box Braids / Kinky Twist can be washed once in 3 weeks .In between wash a sea breeze or witch hazel cleanse is advised.

  • Most braid or twist styles last anywhere from 4-8 weeks.

  • Cornrows & Treebraids generally last about 3-5 weeks.

  • A touch up around the edges is advised about 4 weeks into the style to refresh edges and give hair line a rest.

  • Avoid pulling braids or twist into right ponytails