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Embrace Your Natural Curls

Add Class With Any Twisted Hairstyle

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Its Beyond a Twisted Hairstyle, It is a Movement With Nia Soule Salon

Making a unique statement with our ouchless hair braids in Georgia is a game changer . Now switching it up from braids to a twisted style is the ultimate level up. Master braiders at our studios carefully create intricate Senegalese, Spring & Fluffy twists or cascading curls on the boho Senegalese twist .. is the perfect backdrop to your vacation braids , or night out with the girls or a neat professional braids or twist hairstyle.

Nia Soule Salon is right near you ! Creating Braids and twists near you without undergoing painful hair braiding procedures, that’s our mission.
Eye catching messy curls on Passion twists , You will love your hair; guaranteed . We love managing and protecting it with hair twists for all occasions. Are you active in the gym and wanting some twists near you in our neighborhood? Let's put you in some fluffy twists . Enjoy your workouts while having the ease , versatility of the softness of the Fluffy twist . At Nia Soule Salon our goal is to exceed your expectations regarding quality and comfort.

Accentuate To Your Hair

Get your hair styled in Twists From our Expert

Hey, let us dispel all your fears about getting twists as your next hairstyle? We got your solution here at Nia Soule Salon, the most trusted hair braiding salon near Georgia.

Our master braiders , led by Maria Okpeh, and the team
Of 18 braiders offers detailed consultation to our clients answering every question regarding all your favorite twist styles.

  • Promotes hair growth
  • Easy to manage
  • Painless procedure
  • Long-lasting
  • Light weight

Convenient & Versatile Twists Styles

Let our master braiders add twists and curls to your hair. Indulge yourself into an ultimate hair transformation that involves no pain. Get a wide range of twists in Georgia at Nia  Soule Salon.

Fluffy Twists

Fluffy twists are always a trending protective style suitable for people with short hair or long hair and active workout lifestyles . Get fluffy twists in Georgia with us now! They are lightweight and Ouchless!
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Passion Twists

These are the two-strand twists that are done by using natural human-like extensions. It is a perfect style for those who want goddess-like twists in less time. Connect with us to get top-notch passion hair twists near you.
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Senegalese Twists

Senegalese twists loved by many, adopted by celebrities .Created using done straight 100% afrelle kanekalon Fiber hair. Our expert braiders use two strands of extensions crossing them over each other. They can be done using the knots or we can create them Knotless as well . Get professional Senegalese twists in Georgia.
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Spring Twists

It is a lightweight, protective style created from coil hair extensions using soft, human-like hair. Having its own signature intricate twist patterns , final results are a head full of bouncy messy twisted curls .. Our experts use ouchless hair twisting techniques to give you springy twists helping you make a statement. Find us in metro Atlanta, Georgia, and nearby areas.
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End Your Search With

Nia Soule Salon- Home to Master Braiders who have crafted Twisting Your Hair ! Expert Near You!

Are you struggling to find a certified hair braider near your location? The struggle is over ! Nia Soule Salon is your trusted source trusted for twisted hair styles in Georgia and other locations in the Atlanta area, including Norcross, Fayetteville, Snellville, and Arlington Texas and more.

Being a black-owned and women-operated salon, we serve our community of clients with twist hairstyles in Georgia. We are known for our ouchless hair braiding/twist techniques that don't involve pain and ensure comfort. In addition, our master braiders have over 14 years of experience in this industry.

Join our community and get the hottest twist hair styles from Senegalese twist , Fluffy twists or the playful boho Senegalese near Georgia or Arlington , Texas .

Comfort & Convenience

Choose Nia Soule Salon For The Best Spring Twists In Georgia

Feel at home at Nia Soule Salon, it’s a family affair ! We are local yet global . Right here in metro Atlanta with 3 convenient locations our focus has been ouchless hair braiding and twisting techniques. We delicately manage the twist of each strand and ensure your comfort at each step.
We serve various locations in Georgia and Texas, including Norcross, Arlington, Snellville, Fayetteville, etc.

Black-Owned Business

Nia Soule Salon embodies true African renaissance at its core . We are multicultural and multi-faceted . As a women-operated business that proudly serves the  community in Georgia & Texas , a variety of our hair braiding and twist services can be seen all over the landscape of Atlanta & Arlington Texas being worn proudly by our numerous clients . 

Painless Hair Twist Techniques

We will be your top choice regarding painless and comfortable hair twist procedures. Having real time client  experience of more than 14 years, we ensure the safety and health of our customers at our salon.

Serves Multiple Locations

Our hair braiding salons are conveniently located in different areas of Georgia and Texas. Whether you live in Norcross, Fayetteville, Arlington, or Snellville, we are available near you to provide the best  twists in Georgia and Texas.

Attractive Twist Hair Styles That Bring Compliments To You.