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Add Magic To Your Hair

Get Healthy & Long-Lasting Retwist of your Locs In Georgia

Style Your Locs

Say Hello To The Ultimate Loc Transformation

Get ready to become a part of the locs family with our next-level loc services in Georgia. Are you considering temporary locs extensions? Or starter locs? or a professional hands for loc maintenance? We will be honored to be your trusted loctician nearby.

Nia Soule Salon is famous for the hair braiding techniques and we have transferred that same care to how we maintain the integrity of your scalp during loc installation, interlocking or retwisting your locs.

As a trusted dreadlocks salon in Georgia, we primarily focus on maintaining the health of your natural hair. With our valuable industry experience, we proudly serve our customers in different locations, including Norcross, Snellville, Fayetteville, and more. Say hello to the trending locs that attract everyone’s attention. It’s time to count on the #1 loc salon near Georgia for all your locs needs.

Here's Why

Wear Your Unique Hairstyle With Locs

Locs are preferred for their easy to maintain style eliminating time spent at the salon weekly.

Does tangled or loose hair frustrate you? We can help ! Either faux locs option such as soft locs , butterfly locs , distressed locs installed professionally by us can be your dream look for the next 2-4 months. Do you want a protective style that is easily managed and lasts longer? Permanent Locs can be your one-stop solution for all these problems and add a unique confidence in you.

If you want something unique that makes you stand out, visit our professional locs salon in Georgia. Nia Soule Salon is a black-owned salon that serves customers the truth of healthy locs near Fayetteville, Norcross or Snellville. We use hair braiding techniques that are 100% safe for natural hair.

  • Always trending style option 
  • Locks moisture on hair
  • Easy to manage
  • Brings various styling options

Our Loc Services

Experience the richness in our loc services. We retwist and palm roll using natural oils to ensure length, growth is sustainable long term. Our goal is to avoid clogging your hair shaft with heavy gels and wax as we know your needs to breathe and be nourished with natural oils, water etc

With artistic designs and styling of locs, that sets you apart from others and infuses confidence. Wear your locs crown proudly by getting the best locs in Georgia from Locticians with experience.

Loc Retwist

Get ready to add ultimate strength to your hair with our loc retwist service. It is a loc maintenance in which our salon experts tightens each strand of loc at the root. This process is done every 4-6 weeks and keeps your locs clean.
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Locs Detox

This is a quarterly service to remove build up from your locs , Lint and dust in order to allow your locs to grow healthy. Detox can be done with Apple Cider Vinegar rinse or Apple Cider Vinegar / Baking soda soak bath of your locs . This 20 mins service allows your hair to get nourished by clarifying build up shampoo or conditioner.
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Temporary Locs

These Locs Option are perfect for those who want to wear the Locs look but don’t want to commit to a long term style option .
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Butterfly Boho Locs

A vibrant butterfly locs style that is lightweight and looks like a natural Bohemian style. Nia Soule Salon offers butterfly boho locs in Georgia & Texas , adding a unique glam to your hair look.
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Faux Locs

Faux locs always remain in high demand and involve extensions made from synthetic human-like hair. When you request these locs near Georgia or Texas; our master braider precisely attaches each strand without causing you discomfort.
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Goddess Gypsy Locs

It is a blend of Goddess and gypsy locs suitable for short and long hair. During this, we use silkier hair and keep the loose curly end at each side. To get the goddess gypsy locs in Georgia, connect with us today.
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Box Cut Faux Locs

If you want a temporary protective style that easily blends with different hair lengths, If you got a tapered look box-cut faux locs are all you need. An expert uses the two strands to create a unique pattern during this. Get box-cut faux locs near Georgia from our expert.
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Trust Our Experts

Nia Soule Salon- Your Certified Loctician Near Georgia

Getting or managing the locs that last longer and don't cause damage to natural hair requires professional assistance. If you are searching for a certified loctician near you, we are here to help you. Nia Soule Salon is the best loc salon in Georgia recognized for its hair braiding technique which we use in retwisting your locs.

Our team have more than 14 years of experience in providing different locs per individual needs. If you are someone who loves getting faux loc services or permanent locs , our team will love to serve you. Being a black-owned and operated business, we provide a wide range of locs services in different locations of Atlanta areas, including Norcross, Fayetteville, Snellville, and more.

Get professional locs in Georgia from a certified loctician.

Count On Us For Beautiful Locs In Georgia

Are you searching for a loc salon that uses hair techniques? Get ready to end your search with Nia Soule Salon. We are the best place to get professional locs near Georgia and use chemical-free products while providing  different loc services. Being a black-owned salon, our primary focus is serving our community with premium loc services that bring compliments.

Our loc salons are available in different locations in Georgia and Texas, including Norcross, Arlington, Snellville, Fayetteville, and more. Whatever your locs needs, we are available in each location with our top-notch service. Get an locs in Georgia by choosing Nia Soule Salon now.

Different Loc Services

At Nia Soule Salon, you will get a wide range of locs services, including faux locs, box cut faux locs, Goddess gypsy locs, locs styling, locs trimming, detox locs , locs extensions and more per your unique needs. 

Proven Procedure

The procedure we follow at our salon is designed to provide you with ultimate comfort. Experience our hair braiding techniques.

Free Consultation

We offer consultation to our clients before providing locs in Georgia and Texas. You can ask any question regarding loc services, and our expert will personally answer for you.

Ready To Start Or Manage Your Locs Hassle-Free?