We want to thank all our esteemed clients and welcome new ones on this ouchless braid journey .
The last year has been probably the most challenging for us as a business ,families & individuals.
We continue to do one thing regardless of present circumstances- “ keep the faith”
We have tried the best we can to continue to serve you all the best we can ...
We have had to go through several changes like most business to meet the demands of the season.
We introduced the use of the salon booking system which is different from the appointment forms we used prior to the pandemic in an effort to help save time by giving clients access to our calendar.

The booking site solved some of the time problem but created another set of challenges as most softwares do not cater primarily to braid salons where you can select two stylists at the time of booking and so we still manually have to block out stylists to prevent over booking with a limited amount of staff.
In the midst of this we are working with a 75% reduced staff force and it’s a struggle with hiring right now.
We apologize for confusion this has caused in the past.

As a measure to reduce scheduling errors we ask kindly that clients use the below schedules for booking their appointments as we only see clients within every 3.5hrs window .

6 Am , 9:30 Am, 1 Pm , 4:30 Pm
( Please only book appointments at these times )

8 Am, 11:30 Am, 3.30 Pm
( Please only book appointments at these times )
8 Am, 11:30 Am, 3.30 Pm
( Please only book appointments at these times )
Before & After Salon Hours / Holiday Hours
Before salon Hours is 5:30am  & after hours will be any appointments after 5pm.
Please call specific location before booking Before or after salon Hours services
This will only be available to clients Monday - Thursday ( During the Summer months only)
We will post Fall hours by August.

Minimum is $120 additional ( plus the regular rate)for services needing 2 stylists
Box Braids, Knotless Box Braids , Faux Locs e.t.c.
Minimum for services needing 1 stylist is $80 ( plus regular service price)
Fulani braids , crotchet , sew in e.t.c.
Jumbo Cornrows and similar cornrow styles minimum additional $75( plus regular style rate

This is not compulsory for all stylists so we may not be able to grant all requests for specific stylists availability.
Due to severe staff shortage we no longer can grant all requests for specific stylists. We will do our utmost best to accommodate requests but there are no guarantees .
One thing I have put in place is to continue extensive stylists training , braid technicians expanding their portfolio e.t.c
I have put in place measures to ensure quality we are known for doesn’t not drop.
As a gentle reminder all clients are to come in with a clean scalp and blown out hair to avoid time wasting and delaying other appointments.

Please  add your shampoo service and blow out at the time of booking if you require us to provide that as well.
Masks are still a requirement for stylists and clients in order for us to serve you . Members of our team have started taking or completed their vaccines we don’t mandate anyone to but encourage everyone to make their personal decisions.
Sadly , with increased rising cost of operation with yearly increases in rent , procuring hair extensions from our supplier   shot up by 500% e.t .c. and other costs we painfully have to make price adjustments to stay afloat with rapidly rising   Operations cost . The following services will experience a price increase ...Senegalese and Havana Twists

Price increase takes effect starting July 1st , 2021.

Senegalese Twists
Rat tail comb size
18”  $260
20” $290
22” $320

#2b pencil ️ size
18”  $290
20” $320
22” $350

Mini micro Senegalese Twists
18” $520
20” $640

Havana Twists
Index Finger Waist length

Havana Twists
Thumb size Waist length

Price change takes effect July 1st ,2021.
Some exciting updates are coming as well as we are building our own salon app specific to braid salons .
These updates will allow you see exact pictures of the styles you are booking, estimated sizing of braids , ability to select two stylists, join our VIP club with such amazing perks such as early booking , quarterly swag bags with a mix of assorted hair accessories and  braid maintenance products , insider info on promotions and expanded loyalty program, free shampoos and hair treatments, free satin bonnets and so much more ..please stay tuned as we are behind the scenes working hard to keep you satisfied!!

We want to thank you all again for your continued support and prayers and we are doing same for you and your household.