About Us

*Our story at *Nia Soule Salon is simple... If there were hair salons in
heaven and you lived here on earth you would experience heaven at any of our salons...I know that is a stretch!!! But it's the truth. 

Our concept Braiding hair salon like heaven is that you experience great bespoke braiding without pain... hence our tag line Ouchless Hair Braiding®

The atmosphere we are inviting you into, to get your authentic African
braids is a serene and peaceful space inspired by a love for hair by our
amazing team.

Our greatest advantage is our passion for time... One of The greatest books ever written describes this adeptly 'He makes all things beautiful in His time' Ecclesiastes 3:11...

We consciously created a system and perfected it over the years to get our clients in and out under 4 hours average. Bye Bye to the days of 10 hours Braiding!! We truly believe we can enhance your beauty with our painless Braiding techniques in a timely fashion while maintaining excellence in quality coated with royalty style customer service.

Nia Soule Salon is a God idea under the management of Maria and over 32 professional Braiders who she calls 'partners in beauty'.. Maria started Nia Soule Salon in Atlanta, GA in the recession of 2008 right out of her basement at the time she was 7months pregnant.

She heard a word from her spiritual mentor Bishop David Oyedepo that you can be anything in life if God was leading you against what her father wanted her to be... a medical doctor. From childhood she loved playing with her own hair, her mom's and cousin... upon relocating to the U. S. she made that bold faith move abandoning culture and trend and sojourned on this journey.

The vision Maria saw in that basement is a salon that will grow out of that basement, into a retail location among where other major Fortune 500 businesses and national chains are located and well into several locations across the *U. *S. and world.

The basement salon became her grooming ground and launching pad. The very first client paid $*35 *for her cornrows and the word spread around about Maria and her painless Braiding technique rapidly.
Clients would drive from as far as Kentucky to Atlanta even while she was in the basement to experience painless braids in a timely fashion .

She rented her first place in a salon suite occupying only a 100 square
feet space in Duluth, GA at Salon Studio Suites in October of 2009 after *18* months of starting out.

Shortly after that she relocated the salon to the back of a Beauty Supply Store in the Sugarloaf Duluth, GA area for a brief season and made a bold faith move in 2010 August renting her first place in an office suite with carpet on the floor (she always jokes about the carpet days as where she got her Master Janitorial skills) ... never forgetting that the vision always was to be in a retail shopping center.

She stayed faithful, excited, grateful for the entire experience even in the midst of going through marital separation and subsequently divorce.. Yet never writing herself off inspite of life's setback. ...Never despise little beginnings Maria always chimes...

In November of 2011 the vision became a reality the Lord opened the door of the first retail location in Norcross, GA. Maria says she emptied her life savings to start the first retail location by surrendering her plans
to God and letting Him lead her on this journey. Her savings was just
enough to buy *salon *furniture, paid first rent *and security *deposit.

The rest she says faith in God paid for the salon which was *3 *times more than her previous rent. She found unusual favor with the landlord who spent almost $25K in fitting the place for her and her small team of

Along the journey she has kept her faith in God strong, met a lot of
beautiful women who are clients till date. Maria and her team continually serve over 3500 women, kids and men yearly... at all of their four locations and plan to serve over 7200 clients in 2019.

My partners in beauty and *I* have more than 15 years of experience, and plenty of talent to handle all your needs. We are only asking you to give us a shot!